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Scroll through the options below and see what option(s) are best for you. Are you looking for some 1-on-1 with Natasha for a more personal experience? Are you wanting to gain community by attending a workshop (mingling and shooting together)? Or simply want to sit in your pajamas in the comfort of your home sipping on your coffee and learning through a course? We are here to help!

My team and I are just as passionate about educating as much as we are with photographing weddings. We love to teach what we learned through our trials and errors! We believe learning is such a important tool for your brand's growth. We know it can be an overwhelming process but here at Natasha Furduy Photography we are all about letting the hair down, turning on some music, or simply sipping on our favorite lattes and having fun with it! 

we'd love to be a part of your journey!

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 I looked up to Natasha for the longest time and when I saw she was offering mentoring-ship I was Over the moon happy. We had a 15 minute coffee shop talk but MY GOODNESS! Within those 15 minutes I learned so much, my confidence in photography in the business aspect has changed for the better! I’m so excited for all
The future classes Natasha will offer :) 


"After waiting sooo long I finally decided to contact Natasha and book a mentorship and I regret not doing it earlier! It really feels like just grabbing coffee with a friend and simply talking about what stresses me out in my business! I felt so comfortable with no judgement at all and Natasha was able to relate to me on so many levels when she just started her business too. Book her!"


 "I just attended a recent workshop / styled shoot with Natasha and her team and I can't stop editing all the images from the styled shoots they put together!! Like wow!! It was really worth the investment and already on the edge of the seat for their next workshop!"

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